Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Hearty Oxtail Soup Recipe

Hearty Oxtail Soup Recipe

4 lbs oxtail
1 large onion diced
4 cloves garlic minced
4 large carrots diced
2 cup spinach

  • Step number 1. Season oxtail well on all sides with salt and pepper.
  • And now, In a dutch oven (or large pot), drizzle olive oil all over the bottom and brown all sides of each ox tail. Once they are all brown, remove and place them in a bowl. Add the onion and garlic to the pot, sautee until soft and translucent.
  • Step three, Return the oxtail, plus all the juices that have collected in the bowl, into your dutch oven. Add the spinach and kale and pour in the beef broth. Cover, bring it to a boil and then reduce heat. Let it simmer for 3 hours. Once the meat is tender and falling off the bone, toss in the carrots and cook until they are soft.
  • Source: http://www.pangananku.com/2019/03/oxtail-recipe-hearty-oxtail-soup-recipe.html

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